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Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'll Have a Blue Christmas at Ralphs

“She thinks I don’t see her admiring that shag non-skid bath rug, the one that matches her outfit. I can hear her letting out a little sigh. She’s probably saying to herself ‘I’m sure he’ll buy me another diamond ring or a mink stole. I’ll do my best to smile and act surprised’. I pretend not to notice but I do, believe me. And this year I’m not gonna let her down. It’ll be a Blue Christmas at our house this year, pal!” *

From Christmas 1964 at the brand-new Ralphs in Sunland, California, in the Sunhill Shopping Center at the corner of Sunland and Foothill Boulevards. You probably also noticed the stockman in the background, wearing a red-and-white candy striped apron. I’ve seen another photo of a Ralphs employee wearing one of these that I don’t believe was taken at Christmastime, so I guess they had to endure them year-round.
* Based on a 1987 Zayre commercial.