Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Wal-Mart Christmas, 1971

What to say about this one, my friends? Ok, how about the first three things that come to mind:

1. Those eerie Santa masks with large eye openings are great for hiding security cameras!
2. The oversized promo film boxes that Kodak used to make look cool, even stapled to a wall!
3. $9.94 per pound is a heckuva price for polyester!

Any other ideas?


  1. LOL! I can just roll out to Walmart right now and get some polyester. Times are not so changeable. Although almost ten bucks is a little out of my budget alloted for just polyester.

    I bet there was a security camera in that Santa.

  2. In those days Walmart looked more like Goodwill! They have came a long ways!

  3. Didi - And it still comes in such tasteful shapes and sizes!

    Dwayne - I agree, it really did. The uncluttered aisle is a relatively new (and welcome) development at their stores.

  4. In 1971, whatever they're selling for 10 bucks would have taken me 7.4 hours of manual labor to be able to afford it. If I'm going to stack blocks and carry hod for 7 and a half hours, I AIN'T buying polyester.