Monday, January 7, 2008

The Safeway in Winter

Here’s a nice winter scene for early January – the brand new Leadville, Colorado Safeway, which opened in December 1971, is shown here in a photo taken soon afterward. There’s plentiful snow on the peaks – both the majestic Rocky Mountains in the background and the store’s own peak – the shallow, sloped roof that became one of Safeway’s stalwart designs in the early 1970’s. A simple design, but certainly very attractive in this context.


  1. What is that mansard-roofed building next to the Safeway? Could it be where the Safeway is moving to - the 70s were the era of that cheesy wood-shingle design.

  2. No, the building to the right was the brand new 1971 Safeway (and still is a Safeway to my knowledge). I've been curious about the other building myself - it sure has a supermarket look to it, though it's extremely unlikely that Safeway would have opened right next door were that the case.

    The 70's certainly was the era of the mansard roof. Thanks!

  3. Hey, I happen to like the mansard roof for some wacky reason.

  4. I also like the mansard look, at least where original 70's bldgs are concerned, when the materials were usually brown shingles or classy cedar shakes. Newer mansard roofs often are made from corrugated metal which to me doesn't look nearly as good.

    Jewel used this a lot in the 70's to nice effect. There's an example
    on this page:

  5. In Cortez,CO City Market built a new store right next door to the Safeway (which closed a few years after that)

    Being that both City Market and Safeway were/are in every little Colorado mountain town could it be a future City Market? (some of their stores had a similar design, and open space is rare in those little mountain towns)

  6. Wow, that Lakehurst Jewel looks similar to one that was in this old late 60s shopping plaza on the corner of Howard and Western. The Jewel has been gone for almost ten years now and the plaza has gotten a whole new face lift and the mansard look with the dark brown shingles are now gone.

    Some months back in the newspaper, I was reading the Home section or something to that effect and there was a profile on this couple who bought this mansard style, dark brown shingles home, much like that Jewel. The article showed how they hated it and gave it a facelift. Maybe this weekend I will scan and post the photo of what the house once looked like on my blog.

  7. The building on the right was the original Safeway on this site after the move from downtown Leadville. The building on the left is the not yet open (at the time the picture was taken) and still current Safeway.
    I am a Safeway driver and have been delivering to this store since 1979. Will send a current picture as soon as I can.