Monday, July 5, 2010

Ah, 4th of July Memories!

One of the great things about our national holiday is the opportunity to enjoy a picnic meal and play games in the great outdoors. Something about that fresh air combined with the smell of good food – you just can’t beat it. Our family is no different – we love it!

And where do you think we went yesterday – some lame state park or other place like that? No way!

We went right down to our local 7-Eleven and set up our picnic right there in the parking lot! It was so convenient, and the great thing is you can pack extremely light – almost everything you could need is right there in the store. You have to be careful when sending your kids in to buy things, though – or they’re likely to come out with extra stuff (read: candy) everytime!

Now I know you’re probably thinking (among other things) “Wow, I’ll bet that pavement is really uncomfortable to sit on!” Not at all. After ten minutes or so, your butt falls asleep – problem solved!

The only issue we ran into involved one of our favorite outdoor games – lawn darts! Sure, those things are dangerous even in a soft, mushy backyard, but on concrete they bounce like a son of a gun! (“Ooh, sorry about that! I’ll run into the Sev for some gauze and adhesive tape!”)

All in all we had a great time, though. Why, we’ve even begun to scope out Walgreens locations for Labor Day – goodness knows there are enough to choose from!

Today is the third anniversary of this website. I just want to say that your readership, comments and emails and lately, your patience – are deeply appreciated.

Hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday as well!


(Oh… and I really do like state parks!)


  1. Happy Anniversary! That's a great pic of 7-11. Now I have a taste for a slurpee...

  2. A ha ha ha - this is PRICELESS! Is this a real ad, or some wonderful collage that someone did? Either way, I know where I'M spending my next Independence Day! Oil stains be damned! :D

  3. Tom - Thanks very much! And I alwys have a taste for a Slurpee, at least when the temperature gets above 80 degrees!

    Mel - It's both, sort of! The photo is from an actual 7-Eleven ad that ran in Life (May 27, 1966) and also ran in Look magazine around the same time. The ad is definitely a paste-up of a picnic scene against a 7-Eleven store photo. Its a little bit easier to detect in the enlarged version.

    Glad to help you with your plans for next Independence Day! ;)

  4. I know my butt falls asleep whenever I am sitting down picnicing on the 7-11 pavement. Oh, this post was hilarious. Reminded me of getiing some cake at Jewel yesterday along with milk, paying for it and eating it at the picnic bench in front of the store. Fun times.

    I have a co-worker who can chug a Slurpee in 30 degree weather. I know, she made me drive her to the corner 7-11 once on a very cold winter night.

    Happy Anniversary, Dave!

  5. Happy three years!

    Great 7-11 pic, I wish there were any near me (closer than the 53 miles away that the closest is), because I love those Big Glups!

  6. And a Happy Anniversary and many thanks from San Diego, where each new update is eagerly awaited!

    I remember well the old Speedee Marts (and Bradshaw's), which 7-11 bought from Henry Boney way back when. I also fondly remember the banners and the window signs with the picture of the smiling grocer as shown in the photo.

    Looking forward to what you will post in the future, especially stores that have departed from San Diego.

  7. Didi – Thanks, as always. And that “sitting alone in front of Jewel, eating what you just bought in the store” story is downright poignant! :)

    And your friend’s one of the proud “year-round” Slurpee drinkers – wow!

    Nokorola – Thanks very much. I’m more than 100 miles away from the closest one, but some of the places I travel to have them, and I always make a point to stop for coffee in the morning or a Coke Slurpee on a hot day. Yup, nothing else I’ve found quenches your thirst like a Slurpee (or a Big Gulp, as you say) the size of a gas can!

    David – Much appreciated, and good San Diego stuff is on the way!

    Thanks also for that bit of information on the old Speedee Marts. The 7-Eleven story really is an interesting one, in my opinion.

    One more thing - I wanted to thank you for being the first “Facebook fan” of PFS, long before I actually linked the page to this site. Believe it or not, I didn’t see your comment on there for many months, until I finally figured out things had to be set a certain way to show reader comments. Thanks again!