Friday, July 27, 2007

Another Miami Publix

This photo from 1960, with "louvered" wings on the facade - a variation that's unique, to my knowledge. This store was/is located at 12850 Biscayne Blvd. in Miami.


  1. Still is there, it would seem, or at least the building is. I'll bet it's been "modernized" by now.

    Google maps link.

    There were 2 publixes that I can remember offhand that still had that amazing facade: one is on South Beach and the other WAS on US1/Dixie Highway near Pinecrest, but was converted into a natural food supermarket.

  2. Another Publix with that facade and built-in glowing neon lights (what a sight after dark!) was the location in Broward County on Sunrise Blvd and Sunset Strip in the city of Sunrise. It was the first job I ever had. It was part of a strip mall and had a SupeRX next to it and a Photomat in the parking lot. The Publix closed in the mid-1990s, angering the senior citizens in the nearby condos. A discount grocery store filled the vacancy; I'm not sure if it's still there.

  3. Dexter - I'll bet those were an incredible sight at night. For that matter, very cool during the day! Definitely one of the most outlandish and fun facades of all time. Interesting on the SupeRx and Fotomat. I'm always half surprised to hear about another drug chain than Eckerd paired up with a Publix, but it obvously happened a lot.

  4. There was an Eckerd Drugs across the street (just west of the Publix) and there was, depending on the year, first a Winn Dixie, then a Pantry Pride or Grand Union, and later an Italian-style meat market. I'm going to confer with my dad; one can't always depend on the memories of a child!