Wednesday, July 11, 2007


National entered the Indianapolis market in a major way in September 1947 with the purchase of the 48-store Standard Grocery Company. This photo dates from 1953.


  1. Standard is a chain that little can be found on. A picture from Life Magazine of Franklin, IN in 1941 shows a busy downtown with Kroger and Standard, which along with A&P would be the primary supermarkets of Indiana into the early 80's. The emergence of Yorktown, IN based Marsh, which began growing rapidly after the mid-60's, signals the decline of Standard and A&P in the Indiana market.

  2. I'll have to try to track down that issue of Life one of these days. My family and I have stopped in Franklin on many trips home from Chicago. It's still a very quaint little town with great antique shops and a very beautiful 19th century courthouse square.

    Friends of ours from Indy insist that Marsh is the best of the local grocers.