Friday, July 20, 2007

Winn-Dixie - Here IT IS!

Thought I'd take a break from all the Chicago-based stuff and look at some chains from the Sunny South.
For starters, here's a 1960 photo of a Winn-Dixie store featuring a nice subtle sign. What's not to love about this?


  1. Judging from the sign it was likely a former Dixie Home Stores, the Greenville, SC chain which merged with Winn & Lovett in 1956, forming Winn-Dixie. Dixie Home had stores in North Carolina, South Carolina, and northeast Georgia.
    Winn-Dixie no longer has any stores in the operating area of the chain that made Winn-Dixie synomous with Dixie.

  2. Hi Dave, my name is La'Tisha Collins and I am the production assistant on TV One's "Murder in Black and White", where we are producing a four part mini-series documentary about four unsolved civil rights murders.

    We are very interested in including pictures from the 1920s-1950s. We noticed the Winn Dixie photo on your site and were wondering how you obtained it.

    We are hoping that you would be able to assist us in our efforts to
    produce a well informed and authentic series.

    Thank you,