Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Albertsons - At Your Service

Here's a 1966 photo showing an Albertsons store crew - an eager bunch, poised and ready to deliver a superior customer experience. The woman to the far left does appear to be somewhat anxious - perhaps she was new on the job. In the background is an archetypal "marina-style" Albertsons, as referred to in an earlier post.
By this time, Albertsons' market presence had grown to cover nine western states, with over 170 stores at year's end, adding 20-plus new stores a year. Interestingly, company founder and board chairman Joe Albertson continued to maintain his offices in a second-floor loft above the company's first store, which opened in Boise in 1939. By the mid-60's, this first store had been expanded to 25,000 square feet from the original 7,500.


  1. The old Albertsons building in my hometown of Modesto, CA still retains this look, though it's been many differnet stores since the Albertsons moved out.

    Really enjoy your blog---Thanks for all the hard work!

  2. Walterworld - Thanks so much, and I've read and enjoyed yours a number of times as well, particularly the postcard scenes you've brought us up to date on!

    It's good to know that at least one of the old marina-style Albertsons buildings is still around.

  3. Never knew Albertsons had "marina style" stores of its own. Well, now it has (marrying Safeway), but a marina style Albertsons? Get out!