Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Every Day's A Special Day

One more look at Thriftimart for now, this time a set of great interior views. These 1964 photos are from a brand new Thriftimart, which was located at 4030 Centinela Avenue in Culver City, California. I love the shield above the liquor department. Must have focus-grouped yellow tones for this one.


  1. This (former) Thriftimart Store is about 1/2 mile from my home and continues life as a grocery store, now in the form of Von's. The interior was recently updated, but the store and building overall still retains much of its mid-century charm. In fact, on the wall facing you at the cashiers, it still says "Serving the Los Angeles area since 1964". From what I can see in the pictures, it looks to me like everything still resides in the same position it did back then. Not particularly large, but a very nice store, the first I shopped upon arriving in Southern California.

  2. Scott - Thanks for that update - good to know the store stiil has the great early 60's feel! The Thriftimarts of the early 60's were classy stores, in an area with a well-deserved reputation for very cool-looking stores. The "serving since 1964" slogan is a very nice touch. Thanks again!

  3. This store is also in my neck of the woods (I'm a Culver City resident), although I'm more like 2 miles away. Never been inside this Vons market, but I'll try to get in there sometime to see how it is. Great shots!