Monday, August 20, 2007

Thriftimart Class of '63

By the early 1960's, some new Thriftimarts featured toned-down "T's", possibly owing to zoning or cost reasons. Even so, the stores provided very nice examples of mid-century modern supermarket design, as these photos of new units from 1963 attest. The first photo is of a Santa Ana store (1308 Edinger Street), the second is from 1117 Los Angeles Ave., Simi Valley.


  1. I remember the commercial jingle:

    Everyday's a special day at Thriftimart
    Everyday's a special just for you
    Whatever you put in your shopping cart
    You save and save at Thriftimart
    Cause everyday's a special day at Thriftimart

  2. Thanks for supplying us with the entire verse! I only knew the first line previously. I'd love to find an audio file for that.

  3. Hi does anyone know Thriftimarts old Long Beach ave. warehouse address? (from the 70's and 80's) it housed the Deli, produce, and liquor at the time.

  4. Fitzsimmon's Stores also acquired two Cliff Jolly's stores after Jolly was killed in a car accident. They were purchased through receivership.

    Fitzsimmon's also acquired seven Young's Market stores, around the same time the name was officially changed to Thriftimart.

    From Deli News article about Earl Anderson, Thriftimart's Delicatessen Manager, December 1964.